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The Illustrated Standard

A publication of the American Bullmastiff Association.  It contains drawings of each description in the official standard of the breed along with that description and commentary on the Standard by the two members of the Illustrated Standard Committee who were responsible for the production of this publication. 

Illustrated Standards may be purchased for $7 by ABA members and $10 by non-members.  Checks should be made payable to and sent to Carol Beans, 12131 Arroyo Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705

Bringing  Up a Bullmastiff Puppy by Mona Lindau-Webb, Ph.D.

This little book is a must for every puppy buyer.

Your cute roly-poly bullmastiff puppy will grow into a powerful guard dog.  The optimal time to get control of the dog is to start early with puppy socialization and puppy training.  The book presents a program that will  get your puppy started to become a happy, controllable adult, with particular attention to control buttons for the strong guard instinct in the bullmastiff. Get started with this program and become the leader in the easiest possible way.

Price:  $10 plus $2 shipping and handling, send check to address below.

Breeders - buy this book to give out with your puppies!  $80 for 10 copies, no shipping charges.


Mona Lindau-Webb

1943  S.Holt Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90034-1408


Also available from  dogwise.com


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